Top career mistakes that every working professional should be mindful about

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It is human to err. To put it in simple words, it is in human nature to commit mistakes. But one can’t use this popular idiom to justify costly mistakes in one’s career. Simply because eventually your career growth not only determines your financial prosperity but also your livelihood. To go one step further, ensuring career growth has become almost mandatory for coping with today’s unabated inflation growth. Therefore, in this latest blogpost, we’ll be addressing some of the top career mistakes that every working professional should avoid.   

Missing ‘deadlines’ way too often

‘Deadline’ is one work related terminology that is common to most employees cutting across different industries and sectors. In the corporate world, meeting deadlines is a reflection of your positive work ethics and unwavering commitment to discipline. Above all, adhering to deadlines can pave way for promotion, increment and overall career growth. On the other hand, regularly failing to meet deadlines entails in negative perception and reflects your lack of commitment towards work. Worse, it can even put your job at risk. Now it goes without saying that anything that puts your job and professional career at risk is a bad thing.    

Therefore, if you’ve missed quite a few deadlines in last month, make sure not to repeat them in the ensuing months or never in the distant future.

Falling behind in networking

One of the common mistakes that most people do once they find a job is they stop working hard on networking. This happens because job gives you a safety net and, in a way, encourages you to fall behind in the networking curve. But employees or working professionals should realize that lack of networking can restrict their career growth. On the contrary, your stubbornness in strengthening your networking circle can easily advance your career. But it is not only about finding a better job than you you’re existing one. Simply because networking can prove to be a double edge sword. In other words, networking can help you grow even in your existing job. It can help in updating you about important industry update, ongoing trends and even aid in performing better in the projects. All these can lead to your in the existing company.

Not enhancing your skillsets

Are you nowadays ruing over the fact that your peers have gone way ahead in their careers? Well, one of the reasons is because your co-employees may have really worked hard in improving their skillsets. You, on other hand, may have been too lazy and complacent in burning the mid night oil. To put it more bluntly, not working hard enough in improving your skillset can prove to be suicidal for your career growth. Your redundant skillsets will belie your own ambition. Therefore, truly ambitious people have no choice but keep pushing themselves for attaining new skills and sharpening their existing skills. But to succeed in this mission one will have to continuously keep a tab on the changing and evolving trends in the industry. And accordingly, make efforts to catch up with these trends. Enrolling for suitable courses dedicated to working professionals is possibly the most popular and best option for enhancing your skills.

Switching jobs too often   

One of the biggest mistakes that most employees commit is that of changing jobs frequently. Most knowingly commit this mistake with the desperate hope of getting an increment in their salary. And many people do get a bump off in their net salary but it comes with an enormous price of permanently damaging their career. That’s because it is pretty inevitable that at a certain stage such employees lose creditability in their respective industries. Even resorting to the tactics of faking resume in a bid to hide your instability in your career eventually prove to be futile. Such a scenario creates a permanent impedance in your career growth. Hence frequently changing jobs only for the greed of earning more salary is akin to writing obituary of your own career.

Leaving job without proper protocol

Leaving your job without serving notice is another sure way of stumbling your career growth. It can not only leave deep scar on your career but also ruin your credibility as well as reputation. But many gullible professionals choose to inflict this scar on their career only for a better job that is waiting to be grabbed. But this is a fallacious thinking. Firstly, the company that has promised to hire you may eventually ditch you for not having proper documents from the previous company. This is more so true if the company is highly professional. In such a scenario, it is highly unlikely that such a company will hire an employee who has left his previous company on a bad or unprofessional note. Secondly, leaving a company on a sour note will only bring forth your negative traits like ‘unreliability and untrustworthiness.’    

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