Time management Tips for Distance Learners

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Unlike traditional full-time courses, distance learning is imbibed with peculiar characteristic of offering more freedom and flexibility to its students. Distance education neither trap students in the desolate world of classroom education nor does it pressurize students with imposing surpervision of teachers. However, it is equally wrong to say that this so called freedom is ‘absolute.’ If anything, distance education students are in more pressure to manage their time judiciously and efficiently. As the famous saying goes, ‘with freedom comes responsibility’ and therefore distance learning students are more accountable towards time management.  

Before I deep dive into time management tips, I’d like to make unambiguously clear that succeeding in time management goal requires great dedication and willingness to succeed.

  • Try to get over toxic bad habits: Squandering our precious time in toxic bad habits is one of the main reasons behind our poor time management. Unless you make sincere efforts to get over your bad habits, they will invariably consume your time and thereby all your efforts in managing your time productively will go in vain. The sincerity of your efforts is all the more important given that getting over bad habits isn’t all that easy. Most of our bad habits are addictive in nature and overcoming them is almost impossible unless you’re perseverant enough. But how does one define ‘bad habits.’ Well, any habit can be termed as bad habit that doesn’t allow to use your time productively or act as a major impedance in your quest to achieve ambitious goals.   
  • Say not to social media while studying: The fact that today social media platforms are among the biggest distractions for young students cannot be more overstated. Apart from causing time wastage, the social media platforms are notorious for causing devasting impact on people’s emotional health. The latter especially, the experts argue, can have a detrimental impact on student’s academic performance and career. Hence the scope of social media during studies must be completely nullified or greatly reduced during the study hours. If at all distance learning students want to use social media then it must be done strictly for study purposes.  
  • Become a self-motivator: Time management isn’t a cakewalk and this is precisely the reason that you must always ensure that your motivation always stays at the optimum level. When your motivation is at its peak, it will become realistically easy to overcome distractions, temptations and every possible hurdle in your time management quest. Motivation also helps in overcoming all those irritant habits that contributes immensely to your unproductivity. Becoming a self-motivator, however, isn’t all that easy. That said, if you make self-motivation a definite personality trait then managing your precious time will become a less daunting task.  
  • Make a plan and be realistic about your strength:  You’repursuitto manage time judiciously will prove to be a self-defeated quest unless there is a concrete plan in place. Your daily or weekly plan will obviously include details like how much time must be spent daily for studying, which subject deserves more time so and so forth. But your plan ought to respect your individual strengths and weaknesses, otherwise your plan is destined to fail. Broadly speaking, strengths that largely points to your strong personality traits must be capitalized while weak traits need to be neutralized. This process though is a long and continuing process and more often than not you’ll initially taste lot of failure. One must remember that your entire time management goal is actually a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Reward yourself: As I just mentioned above that the entire time management goal thing is actually a marathon and not a sprint. While going through this long drawn quest with all your sincerity and hard work, you’ll slowly see that your daily & weekly goals are being met with greater consistency. This may look like a ‘small and miniscule feet’ but these small success will eventually help you in taking big stride and giant leap in your career. Therefore, you need to celebrate these small moment of success by rewarding yourself. For many, indulging in self-reward may look like an unconventional idea but this is actually a simple way of self-appraisal. Above all, this practice of self-appraisal bodes well for your motivation.            

Share Distance MBA Knowledge from EduMine
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