NMIMS Examination Results (June 2021)

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NMIMS June 2021 examination results have been declared and are live on the NMIMS website. All those students who want to check their results in a hassle-free way, our latest blog post certainly deserves their thorough attention. We’d like to request all the concerned students to please note down all the  important points noted below.         

  • To check your results, please log in to your student zone with your credentials and you’ll be immediately able to check your results. Please visit student zone – exam – exam results.
  • Please note that the dashboard only shows the results of the current exam session. It does not display the TEE and Assignment Marks carried forward from previous exam sessions. Hence it is advisable to click only on pass/fail status or marks history to understand the result better.   
  • In the pass/fail status, if the marks are highlighted in green then this means that you’ve cleared the paper.
  • Students need to mandatorily score 50 marks to clear a particular paper.
  • Term end results for certain subjects including IT Infrastructure Management & Financial Reporting Analysis has been put on hold. The result will be duly declared by next week by the university.
  • Students falling in UFM or Unfair Methods cases, they will be marked as RIA (results in abeyance) and the decision will be conveyed next week, i.e. Wednesday, 28th July, 2021.
  • UG program: Employability skill results will be announced in the ensuing week. The results will be duly conveyed to the concerned students separately.

Options if you’ve passed all your papers

  • PG diploma, diploma and certificate (only CBM) students enjoy the option of enrolling for the distance MBA course.
  • Students who have successfully cleared all their papers are requested to apply for the mark sheet or certificate.

Options if you’ve failed in your papers

Two options are available for all those who have not been able to clear their papers. We shall now look into these two options in great detail.  

Option 1 – Submit application for revaluation

  • Students can apply for re-evaluation.
  • Students planning to apply for re-evaluation may apply for the same on or before July 28, 2021 on or before 18:59 hrs. They can use service request link available on Student zone home page.
  • The cost of reevaluating per subject is Rs 1,000
  • The fees for term end examination descriptive answers reevaluation is Rs 1,000 per paper.
  • Students should duly note that revaluation in no way guarantees that the marks would increase than the original score. The marks can remain same or may differ than the original score. In the case of latter, the marks may increase or decrease. No further request for assignment reevaluation will be accepted after the closure of the assignment     

 Option 2 – Appear for exam again in September 2021

  • Students can choose to submit only the failed subject assignments and need not have to appear for the September 2021 exam or
  • Register and appear for the failed subjects in September 2021 or
  • Students can resubmit the assignment of the failed subjects as well as appear for the September 2021 exams.

Please note: If any student has failed for any reason, it will still show as assignment pending in your student zone. Please read the below ‘carry forward mark’ section carefully to know more information about the same.

Carry Forward Marks

  • It must be duly noted that assignment marks of or term end marks are invariably and always carried forward in next exam.
  • If students fail to appear for term end exams or don’t submit assignment again, their previous marks will be taken into consideration.

Details about September 2021 Exams

  • September 2021 Exams is not a regular semester examination. It is only meant for pending papers of the previous exams.
  • September 2021 registration will be announced by the end of this month, i.e. July 2021.
  • Due to COVID protocol, registration for September 2021 exam would be done completely online.
  • Fees for Term end paper is INR 600 per paper.

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