MSC in Applied Finance by NMIMS Global: Career & Growth Opportunities

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Over the years NMIMS Global, the distance learning unit of NMIMS, has rolled out many useful courses for working professionals and executives. MSC in Applied Finance happens to be one such course. This course is a two years intensive course that provides the enrolling students the expertise in the use of several financial tools. At the same time, the course aims for increasing the critical reasoning and analytical skills of its enrolling students.

This latest article will give complete guidance about this rigorous course, the skills it imparts, benefits and career opportunities.

Who should enroll for this course:

  • Working executives or professionals who want to fast-track their career growth but have not time for traditional classroom based courses.
  • Professionals seeking to increase their knowledge and skills in the finance and investment related domain.  
  • Even students preparing for CFA or Charter Financial Analyst course can also enroll for this course.

Career Benefits of enrolling for MSC in Applied Finance

  • Helps in effectively preparing financial strategies for the business.
  • Gain confidence in preparing and in-depth understanding of various financial fundamentals like balance sheets, cash flow, EBITDA, top-line, bottom-line so and so forth.
  • Acquire competence in gaining in-depth understanding of the global investment scenario and accordingly prepare sound financial strategy for the company.        
  • Learn to accurately forecast the financial and investment risks for the company.   
  • Learn to handle competently all the popular financial management tools and software.

Other Benefits of enrolling for MSC in Applied Finance     

  • Make your resume more powerful by earning masters degree. The great thing is that you’ll be earning masters degree without quitting your job.
  • Earn masters degree from one of India’s most prestigious B schools. NMIMS University is NAAC A+ accredited university.
  • The course offers dual advantage. Apart from enhancing your career opportunities, it simultaneously prepares you for the CFA program as well.    

Job opportunities after course completion  

  • Research Analyst
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Advisor

To know the eligibility criteria and fees of this course, please click here…

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