Major Challenges & problems faced while pursuing distance education courses

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Have you just enrolled for a distance or online education course and you feel pretty glad about it. Actually you’ve all the reasons to feel glad as distance education and online courses offer wide range of benefits. That said, you’ll face quite a few challenges in your path given that distance education courses come along with their own set of problems. But worry not these challenges won’t cause any major impedance provided you are up for the task.

In this article, we’ll not only shares a great deal about these challenges but will also shed light on solutions. Solutions that will help you to get over these minor challenges and also get the best out of your distance education course. So, without wasting any further time lets start the ball rolling and explore these 5 big challenges and the solutions for the same.

Before going ahead I’d like to bring to notice that I’ve used distance education and online education interchangeably. Simply because the line between the two has been blurring over the year, more so in the aftermath of Covid.

Problems faced during distance learning courses   

Distraction everywhere:

Unlike full-time education, distance education is not conducted in a controlled environment. Most distance education students find themselves crammed inside the four walls of their home, since distance education mostly takes place through online medium. While there isn’t a shred of problem in this except for the fact that home is a place that usually reeks with distraction.

Not only will you have to continuously cope with noise distraction but sometimes your parents and neighbors can be too insensitive to your need for a peaceful surrounding. What makes this problem really monstrous is that more often than not the solution to this problem lies way beyond your control. This implies that finding solution to this noise pollution problem in and around your house a tricky thing. That said, quite a few solutions are available, which could plausibly solve this frustrating and stubborn problem…

  • Try to make your parents and children sensitive about how badly you need peaceful environment for your studies.
  • Try noise cancelling headphones to cutout external disturbances while studying
  • If the problem still persists, you could opt for co-working space for studying in a peaceful environment.

Over-reliance on internet:

One of the unique advantages of distance education is that it allows to perform academic studies from anywhere including remote locations. But this isn’t possible without distance education overtly leveraging the internet technology. Distance education’s over-reliance on internet is actually one of its weakest points.

Students find themselves in a hopeless situation when they find out that their internet connection has gone bonkers. Days and hours of internet outage means that your studies will suffer incessantly and as a result you’ll be lagging behind in your academical performance than your peers. This problem can become even more severe if you live in a remote location, where internet connection is as such very limited.

Here are some quick solutions to this problem  

  • Don’t depend only on one internet connection, always have a back-up. If your broadband connection faces outage, make sure that you have wireless connection for a backup.
  • Always make sure to top up your internet data plan especially a day before your online examination or important online class.
  • Always make sure to clear your cache memory to ensure that your internet speed slow down.

Staying motivated can be a huge problem:

To successfully pursue and complete your distance education course, you got to be really self-motivated. Why? Simply because you’re always on your own while pursuing distance education course. Unlike in full-time course, you’re not under any brooding or imposing supervision of  a teacher. This means that you’ll be fully responsible for setting the pace and judging your progress while pursuing the course. And you’re unlikely to succeed in this unless you’re a highly self-motivated person. In fact, motivation becomes a huge factor if your distance course is very lengthy and spans across 2 to 2.5 years. Maintaining motivation to the optimum level for such a long time isn’t easy.  

Here are some tips  for pumping up your motivation

  • Keep reading self-motivational & self-improvement books.
  • Try to steadily infuse positive attitude and discipline into your day-to-day life.
  • Always be conscious and keep reminding about your long-term goals.

Balancing your job and distance education course  

A big percentage of students enrolling for distance education courses are job professionals. job professionals’ affinity towards distance education is obvious given that it gives them the freedom to parallelly pursue their job as well as education. However, balancing education and studies can be really daunting task. Not surprisingly, inability to cope with pressure compels many job professionals to quit the course without completion. As a result, the drop out rates in distance education courses are pretty high.

Few weeks I had written a article to share some tips about how to balance job while pursuing distance mba course. To read this article and to know about the tips please click here.  

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