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The COVID outbreak has sharply propelled the popularity of non-traditional MBA education like distance and online MBA courses. During these extra-ordinary times, full-time MBA has somewhat taken a backseat, allowing the rare opportunity for distance MBA to take a spot light. This new emerging reality compelled me to think really hard about the dilemma and confusion that most students might be facing while selecting the distance MBA colleges.

Today with so many colleges & deemed universities offering distance MBA courses, selecting the ‘right institute’ can be a really tricky job. While referring to “right institute,’ i certainly mean that the institute should be capable of enhancing your job opportunity in the job market and give a right direction to your career.

This latest blog post is a bold attempt to clear out this confusion and help distance MBA students in selecting the best possible distance MBA college or university. I am hopeful that this article will prove to be a guiding light to all those who are currently on a mission to search for a best distance MBA college.

Factors or Criteria to Consider while Selecting Distance MBA Colleges

Reputation and Brand Value of the College:

Does the college carry any brand value or positive reputation in the job market or the society as a whole. This is one of the fundamental questions that students need to address while zeroing on their favorite distance MBA college. But how does one go about in gauging the reputation of a college.

One of the simplest ways to find this is to find the list of top 10 or 20 B schools of the current year and previous years. A simple Google search will easily help you in furnishing a comprehensive list of top B colleges of this country.

Once the list gets furnished, you simply have to check whether your preferred college is in this top 10 or top 20 B colleges list. If you’re preferred college is indeed in this list then you need not change your mind.

But it will be equally wrong to solely depend on these B school lists. In other words, you’ll to be more judicious and take more painstaking efforts in ascertaining the reputation of your preferred college.

Campus Placement & Job Assistance Guarantee:   

One of the prominent features of any good B college is its ability to place students in good companies through its campus placement program. One of the main benefits of securing job through campus placement program is that it spares you from the harsh inconvenience of manually searching for a job. Not to mention that it can give a perfect launch to your corporate career.

Prospective Distance MBA students,  therefore, should ensure that they are enrolling only in those colleges and universities that have a good track record in campus placement. But students must take tall claims made by most colleges about their campus placement at face value. Simply because today many colleges & universities tend to make exaggerated claims through aggressive advertisement.

I’d like to personally advice that please verify such claims by whatever means possible. Trusting fake or exaggerated claims made through ads is indeed a very risky proposition.                     

Connect with the alumni network:

One of the best ways to verify a college or for that matter any educational institute is to connect with its alumni or ex-students. Getting information from ex-students or alumni is like hearing truth from the horse’s mouth. Since they have been with the institute for a very long period of time, they will be able to share all the pros and cons about the institute.

As for how to connect with the alumni network then alumni of several reputed colleges have their unofficial pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Going beyond virtual interaction, a physical interaction with alumni an ex-students will be even more better. It will make your physical interaction exercise much more stronger and reliable.

Checkout the digital facilities and infrastructure:

In the post-covid era, education has greatly shifted to the online world. While the line between distance education and online education has been greatly blurred, even full-time education has migrated to the digital world. Taking cognizance of this new realities, it is important that to do double-check on digital infrastructure and facilities that college offers to students.    

A college with robust digital infrastructure will certainly be able to provide a superior learning experience to all its students. Here is what students need to look into while checking the digital facilities:

  • Access to recorded online classes
  • Digital library
  • Dedicated support for students
  • Dedicated student app

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