How to select Best distance Learning MBA courses – 5 useful tips

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There can’t be a shadow of doubt that distance MBA courses have witnessed unprecedented demand over the last one­-and-half year. The growth of internet, growing demand of distance MBA courses among working professionals and other conducive factors have been fueling this demand. This non-traditional MBA course is certainly enjoying the best moment under the sun. This fact has necessitated the need to guide students in selecting the right and best distance MBA course for their career. Many students owing to their ignorance may commit blunders while seeking admission to distance management courses. Keeping this in mind, we’re bringing forth useful tips for guiding the student community in selecting the distance management courses.

Tips for selecting distance MBA courses

Pick up the right specialization area

The first step in selecting the best MBA course is to select the right specialization area. Like full-time MBA courses, distance MBA courses also allow students to pick up their preferred specialization areas. The value of distance MBA degree is partly determined by the specialization area chosen by a student. Conventionally, students need to choose specialization area based on their own merit and the ongoing trend in the economy. Talking particularly about the economic trend, students need to choose specialization areas that have a strong demand in the economy. This in-turn ensures stable and recession proof career for them.

Currently, Distance MBA offers specialization in lucrative and high demand areas like retail management, supply chain management, marketing, human resource so and so forth.     

Goodwill & Reputation of universities/colleges               

It goes without saying that most students always prefer to pursue their higher education from reputed universities and colleges. The same goes for distance courses, be it for MBA or otherwise. Securing a MBA degree from a reputed college or university invariably brightens the prospect of securing a high-paying job.

In today’s age of free information and internet, finding reputation and goodwill of any higher education is not a very uphill task. That said, over the years distance education market has become over-crowded. Students, therefore,  should exercise a strong judicious wisdom while finding information about distance education universities and colleges.

Since here the main focus is on reputed distance education universities, we’d like to shed some light on NGA SCE. NGA SCE is actually a long distance arm of Mumbai based NMIMS, which boosts credible reputation for providing quality full-time management courses. NGA SCE offers the same trademark quality and its distance MBA courses popularly dubbed as Nmims distance MBA courses have acquired huge goodwill over the years.

Regulatory approval and statutory compliance  

It is of utmost importance that universities and colleges offering distance MBA courses are duly approved by UGC and AITCE. If they aren’t approved then your MBA degree will hold no value in the job market and thereby harming your prospects of getting a job. Hence doing a proper due diligence about regulatory and statutory compliance is absolutely compulsory.

Most reputed colleges and universities are generally known for taking care of statutory compliances. However, students still should not show any laxity over this matter.

In case if anyone is ignorant about AICTE and UGC then they are important statutory bodies enacted by law. They are mandated to regulate and govern India’s higher education.    

Experienced and distinguished faculty:  

Faculty members form the backbone of any educational institute. Above all, it is faculty members’ experience and teaching capabilities that greatly determine students’ ability to create an impact in the job market. Thus enrolling students should care enough to know about experience and qualification of faculty members of their preferred universities. Conventionally, most of the reputed distance education universities mention all the important information about the faculty members on their official website itself. As a result, students need not have to work too hard in carrying out their due diligence.   

While doing due diligence students need to look into whether faculty members hold sought after qualifications like PHD and M.Phil. Besides, preference must be given to those universities that own faculty members with teaching experience in prestigious institutes like IIMs & IITs.

Digital & online Features

Distance education universities with robust digital infrastructure are certainly able to offer a superior learning experience to its students. This superior learning experience is a result of wide range of digital features like digital library, dedicated student app, online student forum and live webinar classes. Students craving for a superior learning experience, therefore, need to ensure that their preferred universities boost all these digital features. By the way, today all these digital features are widely considered as ‘standard features’ and not as ‘value added features.’ In other words, today all universities offering distance MBA courses have to mandatorily offer these digital infrastructure.

Admission enrollment partners

Students must fully ensure that they are taking admission in distance MBA courses only through officially recognized as enrollment partners. For all those who are ignorant, today most universities facilitate admission in distance courses through their official enrollment partners. However, in today’s time when cases of fraudulence are all too common, chances of gullible students getting dupped by fraudulent and fake enrollment partners cannot be ruled out. To avoid such undesirable scenario, all students must amply make sure that they are enrolling only through official enrollment partners.

Most universities usually list out their official enrollment partners on their official websites. It is advised to all the students that they must check the official website and verify the enrollment partners.    

Student support services:  

One of the trademark qualities of any good educational institute is the earnestness it shows in resolving the student related queries and unconditional support it provides to students. Reliable and prompt student support services, in other words, must be the one of the key factors to be considered while selecting distance MBA courses.

When carrying out due diligence about student support services, they should look out for following things:

  • What online and offline facilities has the university put in place to resolve the queries of students?
  • Does the university lend any personal support to students during the exam preparation?
  • Are queries replied immediately or have to wait for several days?  

Campus placement track record:

Any ambitious MBA students, irrespective whether they are full-time or distance MBA students,   would certainly prefer to enroll for universities that provide campus placement program. The good thing is that today many distance universities provide campus placement program for their students. That said, students should judiciously check their preferred universities’ past track record in campus placement. Today many universities tend to make exaggerated claims about their campus placements and use it as a marketing gimmick. A proper due diligence will ensure that students will not fall prey to such gimmicks and thereby compromise with their career.

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