How Distance MBA can Rejuvenate the Career of Housewives & Working Women

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Are you a housewife whose ambitions are constantly stifled by endless chorus work? Or an ambitious working women whose long awaited dream for a job promotion now almost looks distantly impossible. The conventional answers to these questions fall in simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but I am not seeking uncomplicated answers here. Being a woman myself, I have witnessed the daunting struggles and colossal challenges that my peer community has to endure. Despite all the hype around women empowerment, a women still has to work hard twice than her male counterpart.  

A distance MBA degree, in more than one way, can truly reward a diligent woman. A diligent woman who wants to give wings to her career and find a dignified place in the male dominated society. But why Distance MBA and not full time MBA. Well, the latter is no doubt more popular but distance MBA’s inherent flexibility makes it a perfect choice. A perfect choice for housewives as well as working women. To be more specific, Distance MBA’s flexibility allows housewives and career women to proficiently balance their personal & professional life. Now it goes without saying that achieving this same delicate balance with full-time MBA degree is almost impossible.

I owe my tryst with Distance MBA to EduMine where I work as career counsellor and oversee its day-to-day operations. Edumine is actually an official enrolment partner of NMIMS Global Access, which is a distance education arm of NMIMS. Today NMIMS is counted amongst India’s finest management institutes and constantly ranks among India’s top 10 MBA colleges. Over the last one decade, NMIMS Global Access or NGA SCE has earned the same respect and trust in the field of distance education.     

Today scores of NGA SCE’s ex-students, including those who once adorned the role of housewives, are fulfilling their latent potential. They are today busy scaling new heights in the corporate world. Any aspiring housewife desperately craving for similar career trajectory must embrace the idea of pursuing a distance MBA course.  

Check out the inspiring story of Gayatri Arora, an air hostess whose dream for a truly fulfilling and independent life was made possible by NMIMS Distance MBA Course. 

Enlisted below are details of NGA SCE’s distance MBA courses, segregating them for house-wives and working women.

MBA Distance Programs Perfect for Housewives

Since this course does not mandatorily demand work-experience, it is perfect for housewives with little or no work experience. This course can be truly touted as ‘distance mba for housewives.’ This course comes with specialization areas, with specialization currently available for banking & finance, human resource, information technology etc.

To know more about the course detail, please click here.     

MBA for Working Executives Perfect for Working Women

Since Executive MBA course mandatorily demand 3 or more years of work experience, this course is perfect for working women. A highly ambitious working woman seeking promotion to senior management level can avail this course.

To know more about MBA for Working Executives (NMIMS MBA WX), click here.

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Share Distance MBA Knowledge from EduMine
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