5 things you should do to upgrade & Improve your career prospects

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Every working professional, no matter which industry he or she belongs to, craves for a fulfilling and high-flying career. Seeking growth is a natural human behavior. Professionally, this translates into promotion, salary increment, foreign tour and every possible thing that takes you to the very zenith of your professional life. But the thing is that a successful career is never served on a platter. You’ll have to sweat it out and go through situations that will test your leadership skills and even your character to the very limit. To help working professionals overcome such challenges, I’ve compiled a list of 5 unmistakable rules and ways that will improve your career prospects.

Top 5 tips to skyrocket your career

  1. Keep upgrading your skills
  2. Learn soft skills
  3. Keep stretching yourself
  4. Learn to take criticisms  
  5. Read  

Keep upgrading your skills: Today when new and emerging technologies are continuously creating demand for new skill sets, working professionals are in more pressure than ever before to keep upgrading their skill sets. Those who don’t pay heed to this demand will surely see their career falling behind the curve. It has been proven beyond doubt that employers and companies tend to give more career growth opportunities to employees who keep updating their skill sets as per the industry needs. The relentless need for skill upgrading, by the way, is not exclusive to specific industry. Today this need is felt across the industry and different verticals across the modern economy. Employees need to keenly observe new technologies and latest upgradations taking place in their respective industries. Accordingly, they need to upskill themselves by joining online courses, weekend courses or taking self- learning initiatives.

To sum it up, upskilling skillsets nowadays is in great demand due to rapid internet and smartphone penetration. Besides, the Covid-19 lockdown has further accelerated this process.    

Learn Soft Skills: In today’s hyper competitive environment, casting positive impression on your subordinates and managers has become an important corporate ladder for moving up your career. While there are lot of methods and ways to do this, none can match the power of soft skills. Soft skills, often shrugged off as irrelevant or greatly underestimated, actually has the power to accelerate your career growth. Ask any corporate veteran and they will tell you the important role that great communication skills, positive body language and team work play in shaping a successful career. In fact, today it is unanimously acknowledged that without soft-skills, it is almost impossible to propel your career forward.            

To improve soft-skills, you can join public workshops or enroll for online courses. If you care to pay attention then it won’t be difficult to find workshops, weekend courses and online courses that are solely dedicated for improving soft-skills.

Top & most sought-after soft skills:
  • Communications skills
  • Body language
  • Team player
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Problem solving and adaptability  

Keep stretching yourself: Success more often than not lies beyond your comfort zone. This essentially implies that one needs to make persistent efforts to move beyond the comfort life and adapt to newer situations. This is a stark reality and important prerequisite for achieving enduring success in the professional life. It is important to remember that most jobs and career invariably puts you through pressure situation where your will-power and discipline will be tested to the very core. The only way to rise to such occasions is to relinquish the toxic habits that makes you addicted to your comfort zone. But to break these toxic habits and overcome the comfort zone, one needs to be extremely self-motivational and also continuously seek inspiration from external sources.        

Read: Wespoke about seeking inspiration in the above point and there probably isn’t a better way to seek inspiration than inculcate reading habit. Reading not only stimulates your aptitude but also enhances your confidence. This collectively bodes well for your career since traits like aptitude and confidence are greatly respected in the professional world. But which types of books and blogs should one read to fuel career growth. While motivational and leadership books makes are always a popular choices, books that expand your horizon and        

Learning from criticisms: Most employees frown or even feel demotivated when they are criticized. Criticisms often leave our egos bruised but a bloated ego won’t take you much ahead in your professional career. More so because in a professional career ‘criticism’ is almost unavoidable. Every employee, at some stage or other, has to deal with criticisms as they navigate their career path through series of challenges and monumental failures. The only way to deal with criticism is to see it as a stepping stone that will take you to great career heights. The ability to take criticism constructively demands a great level of maturity. But if this critical realization dawns on you then you’re certainly doing a great favor on our career.  

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